Nita’s Little
Learners Daycare

Located in Beautiful Plymouth, California
License #33614819

Nestled in the soft rolling hills of Amador County, just off Highway 16 and Latrobe Road, Sacramento and El Dorado Hills commuters love the easy access that our home daycare offers them.

With 17 years of experience in childcare and pre-school, infants and pre-school children love the warm inviting environment where they are loved and nurtured, yet have many opportunities for learning. Children of all ages are encouraged to join in on the fun of music time, story telling, art as well as planting in our spring garden.

The pre-K curriculum will have children ready and excited about starting school and will learn beginning writing, early math skills and beginning reading, all while having fun and having many hands on opportunities.

Come join our family of friends as we learn and have adventures together!

Contact Information:

Owner / Operator - Juanita Ballard
Phone - 209-245-3376
Email -

Nita’s Little Learners Business Hours:

6:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday
Offering exended time for parents with long commutes.

Current Openings:

I currently have two openings for ages 2 and under and three openings for age 2 and up. Please call or email for more information.

Site Map

Daily Schedule

6:30---8:00 Children arriving

8:00---8:30 Breakfast

9:00---9:30  Preschool Learning

9:30 -- 10:00 Child Directed Play

10:00 – 10:45  Outdoor Play

12:00---12:30  Lunch

1:00 --- 2:30  Rest Time

2:30---3:00  Waking

3:00---3:30  Snack time

3:30---4:15  Afternoon Circle Time

4:15---5:30  Outdoor play

5:30---6:00  Child Directed Play

Preschool Curriculum


Calendar Work - Teaches, days of the week, counting, letter recognition, learning to use a calendar. 

Weather Frog - Teaches, about the world around us, dressing for the weather, socialization.  

Reading - Teaches, language & literacy, problem solving, cognitive development. 

Music & Movement - Teaches, language and math, socialization, small and large motor skills. 

Art - Teaches, socialization, math, language, problem solving, small and large motor skills.


Letter of the week - Letter recognition, letter sounds

Number of the week- Number recognition, counting, early math skills

Shape of the week - Recognition, early math skills

Color of the week - Art, same / different, color mixing.

I believe that children learn best when they are active in their own interests. For that reason I have adopted the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning. Reggio Emilia was developed in Reggio Emilia, Italy . Combining developmental programs as well as Montessori, children get a chance to choose activities they enjoy and later reflect on what they have learned. You will see planned daily learning activities developed for Kindergarten readiness as well as discovery/play based learning that will be inviting to children of all ages. This combined with reading ,singing and art will give the children a wide variety of things to keep them excited about learning.

What to expect from a Reggio learning environment?

Emergent curriculum - Listening to children while they play and allowing them to be involved in the planning of the curriculum.

Projects - Ideas for special projects come from the children. I will help them make decisions on topic, what direction the projects will take and what materials will be needed.

Collaboration - Collaboration is needed for good socialization. Children will learn to problem solve together, learn to compare, and to negotiate. Learning a sense of self and community.

Special Announcements:

Grand Opening Special!

Registration Fees will be waived during the months of February and March.

Nita’s Little Learners Photo Album is Coming Soon! Please check back late January for more info!


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